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I haven't been posting much here at all. I'll write about music, politics and sometimes comics over at the popular place, but that's usually very targeted, very specific writing. Very occasionally I'll write about trans issues there, but not at the same level of detail or engagement I used to do here. A big part of this is knowledge of an active reading audience, I think; it's easier to write about specific things at the popular place, but it's fundamentally more shallow.

What has been taking up most of my time is dealing with the after effects of life threatening illness. My partner was diagnosed with cancer almost three years ago, and while she made it through and has been officially cancer free for over a year, the recovery has been steep and long. I've been so focused on trying to adjust (both of us) and help her adjust to the lingering effects of treatment (markedly more pronounced than imaginable) that I feel I barely have energy to get to work and do the minimum to keep us fed and the house not dangerously unclean. I haven't really had the time to dig deep into my own darkness, much less accommodate what I find.

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