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Strange dreams again. First was being in my mom's new (?) house, where she lived alone, with my sister; my mom was away. My sister was getting on my nerves, but I had to try and take care of Spodgumine. I was chasing her down to give her her pills when I realized Boris was somewhere in the house, too, and I had to see him. I messed up things like screwy light switches, ended up somehow spilling a lot of water on the floor from my mom's bathroom and having to call my sister for help cleaning it up. Eventually I opened my mom's bedroom door (I was supposed to keep that closed for some reason) and Boris came shooting out. I picked him up and held him and almost wept from the certain feeling. Then my mom came home, didn't notice the mess at all, and called my sister and I outside to look at the lightning in a cloud system rolling in; all her neighbors were out in the very dark country night, too, watching the dark orange circles of localized electricity on the underside of big black thunderheads.

Then I was in some sort of intricate fantasy world as a tall elven chick with long white hair and a troubled relationship with clan/guild authority. At some point, I was in the presence of the royal family: king, queen, children and the king's aging father. I remember wondering what it must have been like to cede power and retire, to be a kindly considered afterthought after being the center of all power. I was wondering along a portico in the city, pondering mortality (and maybe feeling my own) when the king's father approached me and asked me to kill him. We talked about it, but he made a compelling case, and so I did. Then I ran back to my guild/clan hall, where the leader was setting up a miniature game (?) to the amusement of his staff. I told him about what had happened and he smiled and said, "Run". I asked what he meant, and he just repeated himself two more times until it sank in.

At some point I had myself changed the tall, thin elven chick to a shorter, more voluptuous one. I saw a strange, gorilla -like black animal and realized it had been following me, or trying to, from the heart of the city. I took something to mask my scent, counted on my changed appearance, and started running for the nearest jump gates (?) to go back to the uncivilized frontier where I could rejoin my adventuring party, realizing I was turning my back on "civilization", possibly forever.

My sleeping head is a weird, weird place, but it seems like mortality was at least part of what was going on there.

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